The Science of Selling Your Lake Tahoe Home

If you are currently selling your Lake Tahoe home, or have in the past, you know it isn’t as easy as just throwing a sign in the yard, wiping down the counters, throwing some toys in the hallway closet and leaving during a showing. No, although if it was that easy we are pretty confident more people would do it. So what does it take? Well the folks over at shared a blog about the science (yes, science!) behind selling a home. The information is so great, we had to share so if you are currently trying to move a property, you must check out these facts!

First impressions matter. In fact, a reported 80% of buyers knew within seconds of entering a home for sale in Lake Tahoe if they wanted to buy it. That is a lot of people not taking a lot of time to make such a major decision, so what can you do to sway them in your favor? Going back to the first sentence, make sure that the entrance is a good representation.  Given that this is the area where people typically unload all of their stuff after being gone all day, this may seem hard. Don’t stress. This is pretty simple and can actually keep you more organized in the long run. Head on over to TJ Maxx and get some cute storage items, trays or hooks for keys, glasses, etc. If you are always kicking off the shoes in that area, consider a pretty wicker basket with a lid that you can shove footwear into in a flash. Need some ideas on how to spruce up your entry way? Pinterest is always our go to. A simple side table with a lamp and a mirror will not only create light but also make a foyer look bigger.

Speaking of décor….let’s talk staging. Chances are, you hear that word and instantly see dollar signs and hear “cha-ching!” in the background, but check out these numbers: A recent study was performed by the Real Estate Staging Association comparing how long 63 unstaged homes sat on the market and how quickly they sold after they were staged. The average was a very frustrating 143 days. Once these properties were staged, however, they closed around 40 days. There are plenty of other studies that have proven buyers are more attracted to stage homes for sale in Lake Tahoe. Even if you can’t afford to hire a professional company, consider asking your Lake Tahoe Realtor during the interview process what their experience is with this aspect of real estate. If they don’t do it, it certainly is not a deal breaker; however they should be able to give you advice on presentation and what has worked in the past and what hasn’t. Also be sure to check out different blogs about interior décor, staging and home presentation. Remember, just because you like something, doesn’t mean someone else will.

Which brings us to the next topic: scents. Yes, you should absolutely make sure your home for sale in Lake Tahoe does not smell funky. However, anything complicated or over the top can come back to haunt you. A simple, clean scent can do the trick and it won’t distract anyone from getting a full overview of your home.

Speaking of not over-complicating things-don’t try to get attention with weird numbers.  A recent study showed that potential buyers found it kind of desperate, like they were trying to pass something off as a bargain when the reality is that this purchase is a HUGE investment. Rounding also isn’t your best bet either. Specific numbers (think $314,000 instead of $300,000) makes it appear as though that you have looked at the comps and you have priced your property accordingly.

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