Why You Should Sell in 2017

Everywhere you turn right now it probably seems like South Lake Tahoe Realtors are urging you to sell your South Lake Tahoe real estate. You may think it is simply so they can cash a check, but trust me when I say, we are recommending you do this for your benefit. If you may be thinking of selling, but feel spring and summer is a better time for you, you may want to think again. While the warm weather months are definitely a popular time to sell, you could stand to gain more by listing your South Lake Tahoe real estate now instead of waiting. Here is why:

First, lets establish that for the same reasons a buyer should buy, a seller should sell in 2017. Interest rates are increasing, along with home prices. A buyer looking for South Lake Tahoe real estate during the winter months is a serious buyer that wants to move quickly before they ultimately have to pay more to get into a home for sale in South Lake Tahoe. As a seller, once those interest rates start getting even higher, the demand slows down, which means prices could dip a little bit too.

Now let’s discuss the competition. Inventory is generally lower during the winter months. South Lake Tahoe real estate is a little different seeing as we are primarily a second home owner/resort market. We have the snow birds and the beach bums. When we get a lot of snow, interest is just as high as say during those summer months. If you have been watching the news, Lake Tahoe has been getting a lot of snow, which means buyer leads are coming in and people are interested. Now, with that being said, the demand is not near as much as spring and summer. SO! If you want to sell with little hassle, the best time is to do so is when you have less competition. 

Of course, there are plenty of variables that go into selling a home quickly, such as pricing it appropriately for the market. However, if you finally have equity and you are looking to make money at resale, it makes sense to do so when you have less competition and serious buyer interest. For more information on South Lake Tahoe real estate, give me a call. I would be happy to assist you! 





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