Why NOW Is A Great Time To List South Lake Tahoe Real Estate

If you are thinking of selling your South Lake Tahoe real estate, now is a great time! Every seller has a hope that they will make more money at the time of resale compared to when they bought their South Lake Tahoe homes for sale. That is pretty much ALWAYS the goal. However, you can’t always time selling your real estate in South Lake Tahoe with the same time that you need to relocate. If you have been thinking of listing, your best bet is to reach out to a South Lake Tahoe realtor. They can tell you who has control of the South Lake Tahoe real estate market and how to best leverage yourself for a quick sale for the most money. Currently, now is a great time to sell. The median and average sold price has continued to go up in our market and we are still in a seller’s market. In fact, the national average month supply is 4.1 and South Lake Tahoe real estate is 3.7. However, with that being said, the market can change quickly.

Experts are also advising homeowners to list their South Lake Tahoe homes for sale sooner rather than later. Mortgage rates are expected to increase again this year which impacts a buyer’s budget, which essentially impacts their buying power.  In simpler terms, they could afford your house right now, but if the mortgage rates go up, they may not depending how big the hike is. This can impact the demand vs. inventory levels and not in the seller’s favor. If we all of a sudden get a bunch of inventory on the market, buyers will become in control of the market.

At the moment, sellers have less competition which means they benefit from shorter listing times, competitive offers and in some scenarios, multiple offers which can result in over asking. If you are thinking of listing South Lake Tahoe homes for sale and need a South Lake Tahoe realtor, feel free to give me a call. I am a long time, local, South Lake Tahoe realtor who is well versed in this market and would be happy to help!


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