Two Ways To Get The Best Price When Selling

When it comes to listing homes for sale in South Lake Tahoe, sellers usually have two goals: Sell fast & sell for the most money possible. Depending on the market, that can either be really easy or really hard. Regardless of the current South Lake Tahoe real estate climate, there are two consistent ways you can achieve this goal. Check them out below!

  • Choose a qualified South Lake Tahoe realtor. Someone who has been working in the market for a long time will know the ins and outs of each neighborhood. This helps them understand the current comparable solds and what the market values are. Your South Lake Tahoe realtor will use this to help you list at a realistic price. Anything too high can backfire. One, folks that could afford the number you are hoping to get won’t see your home for sale in South Lake Tahoe in search results because it is outside of their parameters. Second, if a home for sale in South Lake Tahoe is over price for the market conditions, it can sit and get a stigma that causes buyers to think there is something wrong with it.
  • Price it a LITTLE bit lower than the current market value. This always freaks sellers out, but the reality is buyers love a deal. When you price the home a little bit lower, you attract more attention which can result in more activity, more offers and hopefully closing at over asking, or atleast what you were hoping to get in the first place. Your South Lake Tahoe realtor will advise on this topic, but if they bring this up, be open. Especially if you are on a tight timeline!

One thing to note is that a lot of sellers looking to list their homes for sale in South Lake Tahoe think that if they FSBO (For Sale By Owner), they will save money on commissions. While listing your South Lake Tahoe real estate is not free, the guidance you get from a realtor in South Lake Tahoe is worth its weight in gold. Not to mention, experts and studies have proven that FSBO’s actually make less money in the long run. And you don’t have any help with the paperwork!

Also, stay flexible and take into account what your realtor in South Lake Tahoe has to say about pricing. A lot of seller’s get attached to a certain number fed to them by Zillow or compare their South Lake Tahoe real estate to recent homes that aren’t even comparable. You are hiring an expert so they can guide you and help you achieve your goal of selling quickly and for the most money. Trust them and you should have success. Have questions about this process? Feel free to reach out! I would be happy to help!


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