Selling? These Rooms Can Scare A Buyer Away!

If you are in the process of getting your home ready for the South Lake Tahoe real estate market, you came to the right spot. As I have discussed in several past blogs, there are a lot of steps to take in order to properly prepare homes for sale in South Lake Tahoe. Especially because you can think you are doing everything right, and still find that potential buyers may just not be that into your home. However, there are things you can do to make sure you make the best first impression on everyone that walks through the door. The most important is choosing a qualified South Lake Tahoe realtor. They will be able to advise on the steps that need to be taken as every property is different. However, there are some good, general “rule of thumb” tips to follow. Check them out here!

Unless your entire home for sale in South Lake Tahoe is vacant, avoid the lone empty room. It can kill a sale as it leaves buyers wondering what the space is meant for. As a seller, you may think it leaves things open for interpretation, but taking the steps to stage it like an office or a den can make a world of difference. Not to mention, when a room is empty, the flaws stand out. Like the chipped paint or stained carpet.

On the other end of the spectrum is the cluttered play room. We have all seen them, and we may even have them. One of the best things a seller can do is prepare their home for sale in South Lake Tahoe by de-cluttering, donating, selling, tossing or packing up what isn’t in use. Clutter anywhere gives the impression that a homeowner isn’t clean. So take the time to go through and clear things up. Also remove any art left overs like paint hand prints and stickers that have made their way to a wall or a window. Don’t think you can take a shortcut either and shove everything in the closets. A cluttered closet makes South Lake Tahoe real estate look like it doesn’t have enough storage.

Not every home can be light and bright throughout, however, one dark room can kill the deal. When buyers are looking for South Lake Tahoe homes for sale, they are looking for their dream home while simultaneously looking to see what negative each property features. If you have one room that doesn’t get a lot of natural light, try these tips.

  • Keep doors and blinds open so light can flow.
  • Add lamps and keep them on.
  • Use a mirror which reflects light AND makes spaces look bigger.
  • Take off window screens.

Otherwise, a dungeon like room can turn people away.

The dingy bathroom that has seen one too many baths can also cause a buyer to walk straight into the arms of other South Lake Tahoe homes for sale! Carpet in the bathroom, leaky faucets and a dirty tub can gross people out. Don’t go out of your way to do a complete remodel if it isn’t in the budget,  but do what you can to fix it up and make it appear clean.

Speaking of needing a spruce up, kitchens are the center of a home. When buyers are touring South Lake Tahoe homes for sale, the kitchen is one of the main rooms they are looking at. So while a spendy remodel may not be in the budget, do what you can to make it shine. If your appliances need updating, consider replacing them if possible. Affordable changes include a new coat of paint or stain on cabinets as well as new finishes. Fix creaky cupboards or broken drawers. Buyers are visual, so if you still have appliances from the 70’s, they are going to see dollar signs and start calculating what needs to be done if they buy your South Lake Tahoe real estate.

And finally, the formal living room that buyers feel like they can’t go in. These pristine rooms were once super desirable, but now feel like a space that doesn’t serve a purpose. While some folks still desire a fancy living room that only gets used for special occasions, most buyers want their living areas to be functional. Depending on the flow of the home for sale in South Lake Tahoe, you can use this room as an office, a dining room or a den.

Chat with your South Lake Tahoe realtor about what are the popular features buyers are looking for in a home for sale in South Lake Tahoe. Every area is different. So while some folks may be looking for new and modern in others, some may be interested in the charm of an older cabin.

To get more information from a South Lake Tahoe realtor, give me a call. I would be happy to help!


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