Home Buying Hiccups & How To Avoid Them

If you are getting ready to buy a home for sale in South Lake Tahoe, or are currently in the process, congrats! Becoming a home owner, in beautiful Lake Tahoe no less, is such an exciting time. Of course, along with any new adventure, there is always the chance for something to go awry. By aligning yourself with a qualified South Lake Tahoe realtor, you either lessen those chances and/or you are lucky enough to have someone who is informed successfully get you over any hurdles. When it comes to the nuances of South Lake Tahoe real estate, there are some hiccups that can pop up. As a long time local South Lake Tahoe real estate agent, here is my advice on how to be prepared and avoid them.

Hiccup No. 1: If these walls talk, don’t ignore them.

Just because a home has had a huge remodel or costly upgrades to make it look pretty, doesn’t mean that behind the walls, under the floors and above your head was given the same attention. There are some South Lake Tahoe homes for sale that have been around a llloonnngggg time. Some of these homes have gotten a face lift but that doesn’t mean they are as good as new. Lack of insulation, shoddy wiring, rotting wood, mold and bad plumbing are things that can’t be seen but are expensive to fix. Of course, this is where the home inspection comes in. Do not ignore the home inspectors comments on what should be done, and what should not have been done. Press the home inspector for more information. Ask how costly some of the repairs are. Ask for permits from the sellers. Do whatever you can to make sure that the South Lake Tahoe home for sale you are about to buy is up to code, and legally. I know you may really want a home to work, but anything that costs you your sanity (and savings) isn’t worth it in the long haul.

Hiccup No. 2: Sellers refuse to leave.

This is a rare nightmare, but can still happen. One would think that if someone is listing their South Lake Tahoe home for sale, they intend to move out. Whether it is the seller, or the tenant, who is not budging, it can be a huge hassle trying to get into the home for sale in South Lake Tahoe that you just purchased. First, get everything in writing. That is what all those documents and the Purchase and Sale contract is for! Also, when you do the final walk through look for signs that the person occupying the home plans on leaving. Are there boxes? Does it look like they have started moving things out? Do they have furniture out on the curb for pick up? Is it clean? Don’t chalk this up to someone simply being a procrastinator. If it looks like they are sitting pretty, get to the bottom of what is going on before closing day. The eviction process is not fun!

Hiccup No. 3:  Discovering termites or pests too late

This relates to Hiccup No 1. Be more in tune with your inspection! If the inspector notices you have an infestation of any sort, do not breeze over it. Fixing termite damage on South Lake Tahoe real estate for sale is no joke. Not only can it be costly, but it can be time consuming. As far as pest control goes-find out where they are getting in at. I know of one home that had a variety of access points that rodents were using to gain entry into a house. Pest control came out and revealed that there were several different access points through out the home and in order to seal things up properly, it would have been over $3000 to fix. Once again, do not breeze over the inspection because you want a specific home for sale in South Lake Tahoe. Pay attention, ask questions, get a second opinion, get bids and stay informed.

Hiccup No. 4: You Didn’t do your research and got a bad Realtor.

This is huge. In fact, this is the part that can make or break your South Lake Tahoe real estate transaction. 99.9% of the South Lake Tahoe realtors are completely legit. They have taken the courses, they have their license, they are legally able to assist you in purchasing a home for sale in South Lake Tahoe and they love it! However, every once in a while there is someone who doesn’t have your best interest at heart. Buying real estate in Lake Tahoe is a huge financial decision. Get informed. Interview different agents. Look at reviews. Ask for referrals. Ask to see their license. Ask what certifications they have. Ask how long they have been in the business. When you align yourself with someone who is a member of  the National Association of Realtors, you are being represented by someone who has a code of ethics they have to abide by. Don’t skimp on this step. For more information on buying and selling real estate in South Lake Tahoe, give me a call at (530) 308-4762.






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