Why You Shouldn’t FSBO in Today’s Market

It is a tempting thought, isn’t it? With inventory so low and prices on the rise, you may have visions of extra cash from not paying commission dancing in your head. But will that actually be the end result if you try playing the role of South Lake Tahoe realtor? Likely not and here is Read More »

South Lake Tahoe Real Estate Market Update

If you are looking to purchase real estate in South Lake Tahoe, knowing the current market conditions is crucial for making an informed decision. This information is important regardless of whether you are a buyer or a seller, actually. As a seller, you can pick an appropriate price to list at, while as a buyer Read More »

Buying South Lake Tahoe Real Estate? Get Pre-Approved First

The big new in South Lake Tahoe real estate right now is the low inventory, increased home prices and buyers trying to find a home for sale in South Lake Tahoe. This is an issue across the nation right now, with the national month supply sitting at a 4.2. In order for the market to Read More »

South Lake Tahoe Real Estate: Selling DONT’S

Just last month I did a blog on what not do as a buyer. So it seemed appropriate to discuss what not to do as a seller of South Lake Tahoe real estate. After all, we are in a seller’s market so how you approach the process can determine the type of success you have in Read More »

Buying In A Seller’s Market? Be Sure You Aren’t Making These Mistakes

If you are buying South Lake Tahoe real estate in this current market, you may feel like you are hitting some road blocks. Low inventory can be a frustrating obstacle for buyers. Whether you are dealing with being outbid or a brand new listing goes pending before you can even see it, be sure to Read More »