Selling Stress & How To Handle It

Selling a home in South Lake Tahoe can feel annoying at times. First, there is the prep work to get it in “showing condition”, and then you have to keep it clean and get out of your houses last second for showings. All while trying to live your daily life. Even if you are incredibly Read More »

Real Estate Lingo: What Does Everything Mean?

If you are new to real estate you will learn almost immediately that this industry needs its own Thesaurus. From the listing description to the things your South Lake Tahoe realtor says, you will likely be left scratching your head a few times wondering what it is they actually mean. If you are new to Read More »

Selling or Renting: Which Is Best For You?

If life just threw you a curveball and you need to move, you may be wondering if you should rent or sell your South Lake Tahoe real estate. On one hand, selling your South Lake Tahoe real estate allows you to have the cash required to buy your next home but renting allows for a Read More »

Water Conserving Fixtures: The New Law in California

There is a new law in California that went into effect January 1st, 2017 that all homeowners should be aware of. If you own real estate in South Lake Tahoe (or any real estate in California) that was built prior to 1994, you must make sure that certain water fixtures are replaced: Toilets that use more Read More »

Why You Should Sell in 2017

Everywhere you turn right now it probably seems like South Lake Tahoe Realtors are urging you to sell your South Lake Tahoe real estate. You may think it is simply so they can cash a check, but trust me when I say, we are recommending you do this for your benefit. If you may be Read More »