Annual Homeowner Maintenance Checks

Whether you just bought a home for sale in South Lake Tahoe, are selling your South Lake Tahoe real estate OR are perfectly content staying put, there are a few homeowner maintenance checks you should be performing annually. As life gets hectic, there are a lot of things that get put on the back burner or overlooked. If you know that listing your real estate in South Lake Tahoe is something that is on the horizon (whether in the next year or a decade down the road), you will want to stay vigilant about staying on top of that “honey do” house list. Where to get started? Here are 4 things that you should do every single year! 

Take a photo of your home’s exterior. With the harsh mountain weather, you will be shocked to see how much it evolves over time. The comparison photos will benefit you when you decide to sell your real estate in South Lake Tahoe in a couple of ways. It will remind you of the curb appeal your home had when you first bought it. As a result, you will know what your to do list is in order to get it ready for the South Lake Tahoe real estate market. Do you need new house numbers? Does anything need to be replaced, like gutters, shutters, house numbers or exterior lights? How does the landscaping look? Was there one year where the yard looked better compared to others? All of these things will be answered after looking at what your home has looked like over the years and can help you prepare it for resale. 

Salt the water softener. When you regularly flush the water softener, you prevent build up of minerals. Hard water can impact everything from laundry to plumbing. Stay on top of it to prevent any issues that potential buyers could consider undesirable down the road. 

Check for termites, rodents or other infestations. Termites can create a lot of damage to your South Lake Tahoe real estate while the others are more of a gross inconvenience. Regardless, when you get ready to list your home for sale in South Lake Tahoe, these things will come back on an inspection report and will need to be fixed. 

Check for mold. While the general area is known for more of a dry heat, we do get a lot of precipitation. If it is a heavy winter or a year where there is a lot of rain, you will want to find out if any extra moisture has caused unwanted mold growth underneath the surface. This is another item that will come back on an inspection report when listing a South Lake Tahoe home for sale. Not only can it be a huge turn off for multiple reasons, but it can be expensive to get rid of. 

When you do these types of annual tasks, you save a small percentage on the value of your South Lake Tahoe home for sale. After all, experts say that it costs about 1% of your homes value in upkeep each year. If you continue to stay on these tasks, your chances of having a positive inspection report are higher and you have less to do when it is time to list. For more information, give me a call. I would be happy to help! 


Selling South Lake Tahoe Real Estate: How To SELL Fast!

In a seller’s market, moving your home quickly isn’t usually as big of a concern compared to a buyer’s market. Typically, due to the demand, homeowners are getting accepted offers on their South Lake Tahoe real estate rather quickly. However, in most scenarios, when you list your home for sale in South Lake Tahoe, your main goal is getting a certain dollar figure in the least amount of time. After all, sitting on the market too long can backfire. If you want a quick sale, chat with your South Lake Tahoe realtor about these proven ideas! 

1.) Brighten up the living space! Dark and dreary homes can be a turn off, so “let there be light” in anyway possible. Luckily, there are a lot of options to brighten up your South Lake Tahoe real estate and they also happen to be quite affordable. Mirrors make a room look lighter and bigger, so add a few throughout the home in the main living spaces. Think entry, living, dining and bedrooms. Place these strategically. Not every room needs a mirror as you don’t want to be too obvious or cause people to think you are overly vain. Also be sure to keep any heavy drapery pulled back to let in as much light as possible. In fact, if you have darker curtains, consider lighter, neutral colored ones. Be sure to clean windows and window screens. If natural light is an issue in your home for sale in South Lake Tahoe, you can remove the screens during the listing process which can offer some extra help. You can also swap out light bulbs for ones with higher lumens. 

2.) Consider staging or comparable options. Staged homes sell (on average) for 20% more than unstaged ones AND 88% faster. So while it pays off big time, you might actually pay big time too. Nowadays, most South Lake Tahoe realtors actually include some form of pre listing prep in their services. However, some do not as the cost can be anywhere from a few thousand dollars to over $7,000. If you are on a budget, virtual staging is a great way to stage your home on the cheap. Photo editing software adds the pretty furnishings and decorative touches that appeal to home buyers. If this is not in the cards at all, be sure to de-clutter, de-personalize and pack up as much as you can before you list. Once the home is down to the necessities, look at the latest decor trends and do your research on staging so you can place your existing furniture in a way that it looks good but also flows and maximizes space. 

3.) Make a good first impression. It isn’t just about the inside, you want to make sure your curb appeal is up to par. How it looks outside can actually boost your South Lake Tahoe real estate’s value by 17%. You don’t have to spend a lot of money if you don’t want to. Touch up paint, pull weeds, clean the yard, add some flowers and fix shutters, mail box numbers and loose gutters. 

4.) Is your real estate in South Lake Tahoe energy efficient? If so, be sure to have your South Lake Tahoe realtor highlight that in the marketing remarks. If your home for sale in South Lake Tahoe is not energy efficient, consider make it so. Insulate the attic, weatherstrip doors and windows or install a programmable thermostat. Don’t be afraid to show off how much money you save on energy bills either! 

5.) Speaking of showing off, tell people you are selling your real estate in South Lake Tahoe! Likely, your South Lake Tahoe realtor will have a social media post or two for you to share with your friends and family. You can also have a garage sale and let neighbors know that it is because you are moving. You can send out a mass email to friends inviting them to a final bbq. There are multiple fun ways to share the news and spread the word with your own group of friends before your home even hits the market. Building buzz combined with your South Lake Tahoe realtor’s efforts will be a great way to move the home quickly. And who knows, you could end up knowing the person that buys your home! 






For a more tailored description of what is needed in order to achieve a quick sale, give me a call. I can do a custom market analysis based on recent comparable sales as well as make suggestions for what could be done before you list. 

South Lake Tahoe Real Estate Market Report

If you are thinking of selling or buying South Lake Tahoe real estate, knowing the current market conditions can help you have a successful transaction. On the selling side, you know how much to list your home for sale in South Lake Tahoe. You may have a number in your mind, but going based off recent comparable sales helps to make sure that your home sells quickly and for market value. As a buyer, you want to feel rest assured that you didn’t overpay for a home for sale in South Lake Tahoe. Additionally, you will have a rough idea of days on market, percentage of list price (which helps you figure out how much negotiation power you have) and more information that can help prepare you for buying South Lake Tahoe real estate. So how are things going? Let’s take a look! 

The good news for sellers is that both the average and median sold price is up compared to this time last year. The average is up 11.9% at $508,480 and the median is up 13% at $429,000. The median percentage of list price is up 0.4% at 98%. Homes for sale in South Lake Tahoe are spending on average 109 days on market. This is down 12.1%. Closed sales, pending sales and new listings all saw a dip somewhere between 1.6%-3.3%. So not huge decreases, but they did go down. However, the current inventory is sitting at a 3.4 month supply, which is down 20.9% which explains these decreases. South Lake Tahoe real estate is in a sellers market, which means there isn’t enough inventory to satisfy the buyer demand. Until we get enough homes for sale on the market, we might continue to see decreases in these categories. 

It is important to note that this market report is for real estate in South Lake Tahoe as a whole. Each neighborhood has their own set of statistics. For example, if you live in Al Tahoe, their average sold price is $598,397. In Tahoe Keys, it is $770,387. If you are interested in finding out what is happening in your specific part of town, feel free to give me a call. I would be happy to provide a custom market report.